TEKStack Health COVID-19 Platform: Supporting the Pandemic Response

TEKStack Health’s Response to COVID-19

TEKStack Health acknowledges the urgent need for solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic that exist globally. As a result, we are actively participating in discussions with the broader community to identify what is most needed during this time. From that effort, we identified several areas where we can leverage our technology to help the collective response. Our response will culminate in creating a TEKStack Health COVID-19 Platform giving scalable resources to individual researchers and institutions.

Thus far, we have created two resources to assist researchers better understand the data around the pandemic. Our next goal is to release our TEKStack Health COVID-19 Platform to the public. We hope that by providing researchers with a direct access to the COVID-19 datasets as well as the data science tools, an increased number of important solutions will quickly emerge:

COVID-19 Research Search Engine

Our first resource is a publicly available open-research search engine. This search engine contains tens of thousands of published articles on the topic of COVID-19 and related coronaviruses. We are giving researchers an ability to search against the relevant literature in one place, while also providing a choice for how they conduct their search. We do this by incorporating both full-text search and natural language processing in the search options. This allows for the identification of publications that may not appear using traditional search filters alone.

COVID-19 Dashboard

Our second resource is a COVID-19 dashboard mapping current statistics and predictions of COVID-19 cases globally.

The dashboard is broken down into 3 tabs:
The first tab shows a global map of cases, as well as a summary of cases and deaths. The second tab shows the related graphs for both cases and deaths.
The third and final tab shows the trajectory of cases for each country, and their deviation from a logarithmic growth rate.

TEKStack Health COVID-19 Platform (Coming Soon)

The TEKStack Health COVID-19 Platform is a comprehensive resource where researchers can create new insights and deploy them into production. Users can access the several COVID-19 datasets we ingest into the platform, as well as all the tools they need to deploy insights quickly. Our platform is designed for machine learning, so researchers looking to predict the course of COVID-19 have a resource to do so. The work that can be done includes the entire data journey: from import, analysis, and machine learning, to reporting and sharing.