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We connect clinical data, break down technical barriers, and create more meaningful use of data towards improving patient outcomes while reducing costs.

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Why choose TEKStack Health?

TEKStack Health is on a mission to improve healthcare data utilization, such that all stakeholders, including providers, payers, researchers and life sciences organizations can one day access the right information, at the right time. Building atop open-source and open standards, we are creating IT solutions that enable broader, more transparent use of data, while reducing vendor lock-in.

Interoperability, solved

TEKStack Health addresses challenges that inhibit effective interoperability by migrating technology to the cloud, modernizing infrastructure for improved connectivity, and standardizing data formats. Our Liquid FHIR data platform leverages a cloud-native architecture to provide organizations with long-term capability to rapidly respond to changing technical and legislative requirements, especially as open access to patient data becomes increasingly imperative.


Consolidate data silos

The Liquid FHIR Data Platform extends what is possible with improving interoperability by addressing the data silos that are pervasive across the ecosystem. Consolidating legacy and tertiary data stores into a single-point solution enables data to be leveraged by SMART on FHIR applications and primes a complete data picture towards advanced analytics capabilities. Information that is unlocked improves the ability to deliver better care or improve research potential.

How our platform helps

TEKStack Health’s Liquid FHIR cloud data platform, Healthpilot, delivers accessible and secure healthcare interoperability to provider organizations, unifying patient records and improving clinical data utilization across the healthcare continuum.


Modernize your infrastructure

Transform how you deliver patient care by leveraging SMART on FHIR built atop Google Cloud, allowing your organization to move health data integrations to the cloud, enabling near real-time health data connectivity across your enterprise.


Enable patient-focused AI applications for better care

Put consolidated patient data in front of your care teams with SMART on FHIR apps, such as the Healthpilot Intelligent Patient Chart. Intuitively and dynamically search a unified patient record with our AI FHIR Search Service for enhanced search and triage of your enterprise’s clinical data.


Tap into the full potential of your data

Accessible and consolidated data helps increase efficiency, enhance patient care, make better informed decisions, and accelerate knowledge discovery. Ingest, transform, store, analyze, unify, and exchange healthcare data in ways that benefit your organization through improved data utilization.


Access TEKTeams - World-class data experts

Realize the full potential of your data with a team that can expedite your technical projects, pushing the boundaries with industry-leading analytical tools, agile cloud-native machine-learning capabilities, and Google Cloud's best-in-class security and privacy.


Enhanced security, zero worry

Robust field-level security, consent management, and comprehensive data governance capabilities ensure that your cloud platform implementation will meet and exceed the standards your organization places on keeping personal health information secure. Enable interoperability with a cloud platform offering best-in-class security and privacy, where privacy was built as a fundamental, and not as an afterthought.


Meeting and exceeding compliance - ONC Final Rule

Ensure fast and scalable conformance to legislative requirements such as the 21st Century Cures Act with the Liquid FHIR data platform. Implement effective interoperability within your organization with robust FHIR APIs.

Who we serve

TEKStack Health has over 12 years experience helping customers build solutions that enable clinical and research objectives, operations, and workflows. We help providers, researchers, and 3rd party developers to implement cloud-native technology that is interoperable, scalable, and built with privacy-by-design at its foundation.



Our platform is a vendor-neutral, managed cloud platform for healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs through innovations in clinical data consolidation and data management.


3rd Party Developers

We provide developers with the tools to access comprehensive and curated healthcare data via FHIR APIs in a secure and compliant manner. With an infrastructure that is conducive for scalable and agile development, approved 3rd party developers reduce their time and difficulty in deploying healthcare applications.



The platform streamlines access to healthcare data from the clinical environment to the research realm, granting researchers the ability to leverage data faster towards the generation of new insights. The platform enables access to de-identified population-level information for traditional and machine learning data discovery activities.

Realize key benefits when implementing the Liquid FHIR Data Platform


Conform to ONC Final Rules with an interoperable FHIR platform.


Improve IT security by leveraging Google’s Healthcare Data Engine in the cloud.


Enjoy a frictionless data consolidation experience, organizing data for meaningful use.


Enhance your IT administration and clinician experience by navigating organized, consolidated patient records.


Experience a simplified and cost-reduced IT environment with a scalable, single-point solution.


On-demand access to data and AI expertise, ensuring every project ends up a success.

Customer Success

We’ve leveraged our data platform and built successful implementations across a number of institutions:

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