Who we serve

We connect clinical data, break down technical barriers, and create more meaningful use of data towards improving patient outcomes while reducing costs.

Who we serve

TEKStack Health has over 12 years experience helping customers build solutions that enable clinical and research objectives, operations, and workflows. We help providers, researchers, and 3rd party developers to implement cloud-native technology that is interoperable, scalable, and built with privacy-by-design at its foundation.



Our platform is a vendor-neutral, managed cloud platform for healthcare providers to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs through innovations in clinical data consolidation and data management.


3rd Party Developers

We provide developers with the tools to access comprehensive and curated healthcare data via FHIR APIs in a secure and compliant manner. With an infrastructure that is conducive for scalable and agile development, approved 3rd party developers reduce their time and difficulty in deploying healthcare applications.



The platform streamlines access to healthcare data from the clinical environment to the research realm, granting researchers the ability to leverage data faster towards the generation of new insights. The platform enables access to de-identified population-level information for traditional and machine learning data discovery activities.

Customer Success

We’ve leveraged our data platform and built successful implementations across a number of institutions:

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