Your platform for migrating, enabling, and gaining insights from your data.

Emrchiver gives your clinical data a permanent home, either in the cloud or on-prem, with dashboards that are both highly interactive and incredibly powerful.

SickKids + Emrchiver

With Emrchiver, over 15 billion medical observations across multiple ICUs locked in legacy systems were successfully extracted and migrated into a customizable and easy-to-use platform.

The Hospital for Sick Children gained a responsive and low-cost web UI to effectively manage over 20 years of historical patient data.

Our Clients


“TEKStack Health is a strategic partner in in the design and development of our technology platform. Their expertise, commitment and flexibility during the engagement helped us to build a solution that will help improve patient scheduling for healthcare providers.”

Wayne Li, CEO - NextUp Care

“TEKStack Health is composed of a group of dedicated professionals that can provide economical solutions for web-based needs for both the private and public sector. They have worked with us for some 5 years and they have shown to be both very professional and helpful in developing supporting our database”.

Jim Loukides, Manager - Brain Tumour Bank Network

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