A platform for migrating & enabling data from healthcare legacy systems.

emrchiver gives retrospective clinical data a permanent home, either in the cloud or on-prem, with dashboards that are both accessible and incredibly responsive.

A renewed access to legacy data enables clinicians, IT administrators, and researchers to create:

  • Patient Insights
  • Clinical Decision Support Tools
  • Collaboration between Hospital and Research Institutes
Migrate your legacy systems into a solution with compliance in mind.

emrchiver utilizes a comprehensive infrastructure that is both privacy- and security-centric.
Data stays protected along the entire migration process and at rest.

Data Migration Simplified.

emrchiver’s migration process involves extracting data from an EMR or legacy application, followed by transforming the data using our data model tailored to hospitals and research institutes.

Data entering emrchiver is fully indexed and readily accessible. This allows for full-text searching against the data, and easier querying to generate both insights and meaningful reports.

Utilizing machine learning to drive change, faster.

Machine learning automation of the migration process ensures that your legacy system decommission get resolved faster, and more reliably.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is used to accelerate the migration of records captured in paper or PDF form, and opens the data up to actionable insights.

  • Text becomes 100% searchable.
  • Index and query against a comprehensive data set.
Legacy data takes on a whole new meaning.

Data migrated into emrchiver becomes readily available to your entire health team in a number of ways:

1 Clinicians can instantly search the entire patient record, exporting data of interest.

2 IT staff can easily query and aggregate data for clinicians, and create automated reports for dissemination across the organization.

3 Researchers gain access to developer tools to create new insights, as well as test and deploy machine learning models.


Emrchiver brings several immediate benefits to departments maintaining cumbersome legacy systems:

  • Renewed access to legacy data. This is done by organizing data for robust searching and querying, while also providing an easy-to-use web portal designed for many end-users.
  • Instantaneous full-text searching of medical records and observations. Our platform is designed for scale, allowing you to search against several disparate systems in parallel.
  • Concerns over system failure due to technical debt are gone. A cloud-native solution ensures the integrity of your data stores over time.
  • A focus over security and privacy. Integrated security tools provide authorization, auditing, and reporting functionality , while end-to-end encryption ensures data stays protected.
  • Removing the need to maintain old and expensive databases nd licenses. emrchiver is a cost-effective solution without vendor lock-in that can be maintained by an IT personnel.

Ready to upgrade your legacy systems?

If you are interested in learning more about how emrchiver can create new sources of value, contact us to book a demo.