A platform for migrating and enabling data from healthcare systems.

Emrchiver gives retrospective and prospective clinical data a permanent home, either in the cloud or on-prem, with dashboards that are both highly interactive and incredibly powerful.

Emrchiver converts hospital data into Real World Evidence, so that it’s primed for use by hospitals and research institutes towards the creation of clinical insights.

Map, extract, and import any data format from any data source.
Secure enterprise data access for all users. Data lake connected to a machine learning platform.
Clinical solutions powered by artificial intelligence. Developing insights to improve patient outcomes.
Migrate your hospital systems into a data solution with compliance in mind.

Emrchiver utilizes a privacy-by-design infrastructure built for core hospital considerations around leveraging data.
Data is secured across the data lifecycle within an immutable and encrypted hospital data lake.

Data migration, simplified.

Emrchiver’s migration process extracts data from EMR and legacy applications, transforming it into a form usable by both researchers and clinicians.

  • A robust data ingestion pipeline maps and pre-processes databases for data exploration downstream.
  • Pre-processing occurs during migration in preparation for AI-augmented discoveries.
  • Datasets are automatically de-identified before it becomes accessible to end users.
A powerful platform for data enablement.

Emrchiver guides data destined for AI activities from model conception to clinical deployment, with privacy and security considerations throughout.

  • Secure access across the enterprise is the result of an immutable and encrypted hospital data lake, built with core hospital considerations.
  • De-identified data is easily accessible within a patient record UI for review or data exploration, accompanied by metadata and semantic search engines.
  • Identify AI-ready cohorts of interest, and develop ML models from those cohorts within the platform.
Hospital data takes on a whole new meaning.

Wisdom gained from leveraging AI allows for novel and innovative ways to improve clinical care.

  • Optimized hospital data pipelines improves speed of discovery, while enabling collaboration across the hospital and research institution network.
  • Legacy data is translated to Real World Evidence that can be used to build AI solutions within the hospital.
  • Develop clinical decision support tools and further advance research output. 
How Emrchiver Helps Legacy Systems

An effective legacy system solution. Emrchiver brings several immediate benefits to departments maintaining cumbersome legacy systems:

  • Renewed access to legacy data. This is done by organizing data for robust searching and querying, while also providing an easy-to-use web portal designed for many end-users.
  • Instantaneous full-text searching of medical records and observations. Our platform is designed for scale, allowing you to search against several disparate systems in parallel.
  • Concerns over system failure due to technical debt are gone. A cloud-native solution ensures the integrity of your data stores over time.
  • A focus on security and privacy. Integrated security tools provide authorization, auditing, and reporting functionality, while end-to-end encryption ensures data stays protected.
  • Removing the need to maintain old and expensive databases and licenses. Emrchiver is a cost-effective solution without vendor lock-in that can be maintained by an IT personnel.

Are you ready to maximize the value of your data?

If you are interested in learning more about how Emrchiver can create new sources of value from hospital data, contact us to book a demo.