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“TEKStack Health’s mission towards enabling critical data has led to several successful projects increasing organization of hospital administrative and clinical health information, as well as bridging gaps in interconnectivity and increasing ease of use at the same time.”

Robert Golabek, CEO of Translucent

TEKStack Health designs products that make it easier for clinicians to focus on what is important.

Tools that better organize health information and increase access allow for an improved experience for both medical professionals and patients.

There are several recent examples of successful projects carried out by TEKStack Health, where working in partnership with healthcare providers has led to a range of technological and clinical solutions:



Brain Tumour Bank Network: A cloud-native registry with instantaneous searching within a tumour sample repository, incorporating efficient inventory controls as well as enabling access across participating institutions.

NextUp Care: A smart booking platform for diagnostic imaging streamlining the patient booking process. Key features include e-referrals, algorithmic screening of patient priority and schedule optimization, and SMS messaging for immediate booking confirmation and changes. Designed with a focus on interoperability, integration is possible across leading EHR systems.

SPARK: A responsive web application combining patient self-reporting via a symptoms questionnaire and evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines for treatment recommendations. Accessible by both patients and health care providers, the application allows patients to easily track their symptoms while allowing health care providers to treat their patients’ most bothersome symptoms in a standardized manner, based on empirical evidence. The utilization of SPARK therefore contributes to better patient outcomes and improved quality of life.

CALIPER: Focused primarily around an intuitive user experience, the CALIPER app and website expands the reach of important clinical tools nationwide, specifically increasing the utilization of healthy pediatric reference intervals in clinical decision making.

IDA 2.0: From an outdated hospital administrative platform, the rebuilt IDA incorporates key features such as user-friendliness, platform responsiveness, and HIS interoperability to aid in administrative workflows. Designed around the healthcare-focused TEKStack platform, a robust security system and privacy compliance was easily included with minimal consultation.

PIDA: Building an administration platform from several legacy databases, a single dashboard enabled increased accessibility to disparate sources of information as well as simpler and more effective reporting tools. Integrating state-of-the-art search functionality further enhanced usability of previously difficult to access information, while also empowering decades-old data.

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