May 7th, 2020

COVID-19 ML Platform – Video Pitch

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    COVID-19 Machine Learning Platform

    TEKStack Health has released a centralized data and machine learning/analytics solution built on top of our TEKStack architecture in response to COVID-19 calls for support. The COVID-19 ML Platform facilitates the entire data journey to help researchers create solutions to assist in the COVID-19 effort:

    • Machine learning notebooks allow researchers access to TEKStack Platform’s tools and updated COVID-19 datasets.
    • Create models, patient insights, or visualizations from the data ingested into the platform.
    • Analytics dashboards give researchers an ability to create interactive business intelligence (BI) or ML-powered assets.
    • Dashboards and other assets can be published on websites or web portals for easy dissemination of results and recommendations.

    Video Pitch Challange!

    As part of our ongoing work in helping the COVID-19 effort around the world, we would like to share a recent video pitch of our machine learning platform for the Mining Lab Challenge COVID-19.

    Why our solution?

    It is a scalable & low-cost comprehensive ML platform. Researchers and data scientists are given the ability to access a centralized portal for reviewing a large consolidation of COVID-19 datasets acquired globally.

    Collaborative tools allow users to share their workflows across institutions, leveraging resources to assist less-funded regions.
    This all results in access to tools and resources to run analyses and create insights, where research findings and recommendations can be easily shared or published.

    Platform in Action

    Have a look at some live examples of resources created from our platform:

    May 7th, 2020

    by in Technology

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