Introducing HealthPilot - The Intelligent HIE

by Robert Golabek

Introducing HealthPilot - The Intelligent HIE

In today's healthcare industry, accessing patient data from multiple systems while providing high-quality patient care can be a daunting task. 

While IT vendors offer various ways to access patient data, they may not provide a complete patient picture or be conducive to improving data-driven activities that have the potential to enhance care delivery. 

Clinicians and even researchers may struggle to get access to a complete patient record due to various reasons, including disparate, siloed systems that store data in different formats, difficulty interpreting clinical notes, and technical barriers associated with legacy technologies.

If this sounds familiar, you're not alone. These pain points are all too common in the healthcare industry. However, they do not consider the broader issue of not having a clear "Point A to B" system that leads to reliable implementations every time. This is where the HealthPilot Intelligent HIE comes in.

HealthPilot can help you quickly access an intelligent health information exchange that intuitively presents not only a complete patient picture but also includes the latest clinical analysis capabilities for a more informed patient summary. 

A highly configurable chart allows for dynamic customization of summary widgets, with the chart being editable based on user roles and ideal user preferences. Being a vendor agnostic, embedded or stand-alone viewer, confidently know that any data can be securely viewed and actioned with the chart within your organization. 

With this SMART on FHIR application, you can enable your clinicians to deliver faster, smarter care while being cost-effective too.

Proof of HealthPilot's effectiveness is that our exact system helps multiple clients quickly and predictably access patient data using our platform, saving both time and helping achieve improved clinical utilization of patient data across their organizations.

Provide the best patient care possible by complimenting your EMR with a detailed summary view,reducing gaps and errors in patient history.

The 9 Step Data Platform Program - TEKStack Health Liquid FHIR Data Platform 

The 9 Step Data Platform Program is designed to enable true healthcare data utilization across healthcare organizations. Implementing the HealthPilot Intelligent HIE is just one step that encompasses the breath of our Liquid FHIR Data Platform - The ideal system for anyone serious about doing what it takes to achieve improved clinical data organization and utilization.

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Three simple steps for clinicians to visualize the full patient picture

Three simple steps involved in the implementation process and how you can use it to gain a more intelligent HIE within your organization.

Step One: Establish Integrations

The first step in implementing HealthPilot is to establish integrations between your EMR and related systems, connecting your patient data sources to HealthPilot's consolidated database. This step involves identifying all the systems that store patient data and ensuring that they can communicate with each other. We work closely with your organization to establish these integrations, ensuring that all data is securely and efficiently transferred.

Step Two: Execute Data Conversions

Once the integrations are in place, we move on to the second step, which involves executing necessary data conversions to ensure the harmonized patient record can be leveraged using FHIR APIs. This step is crucial in ensuring that all patient data is harmonized and in a format that can be easily accessed and analyzed. Our team of experts ensures that all necessary data conversions are executed, and the harmonized patient record is created.

Step Three: Deploy HealthPilot

Finally, we deploy HealthPilot either as a standalone viewer or within your EMR, and push the now harmonized data into the app, where you may seamlessly login to your newly unified record. 

This step involves integrating HealthPilot into your organization's workflow and ensuring that it's fully operational. Our team works closely with your organization to ensure that HealthPilot is fully integrated, and your clinicians can access patient data seamlessly.

With HealthPilot, you can gain access to an intelligent health information exchange that allows for an accessible and complete patient record alongside access to analytics capabilities, providing a more efficient deep dive experience into the patient picture. This will enable your clinicians to deliver faster, smarter care while being cost-effective too.


HealthPilot is an effective solution for healthcare organizations looking to access patient data seamlessly and efficiently. The three simple steps involved in the implementation process make it easy to gain a more intelligent HIE within your organization. 

If you're interested in learning more about how you can implement HealthPilot within your organization, book a call today, and our team of experts will be in touch with you right away.